Bullitt, the steepest street in San Diego

Jack Brandais writes a column for the San Diego Union-Tribune called "The Weekend Driver." Years ago, I told him about the Thorn Street hill that was the steepest street in San Diego. Almost 100 years ago, people would take their automobiles to Thorn Street to see if they could climb it. It was so steep the City eventually closed it. I had found articles about this street while doing research for my early history of baseball in San Diego and thought Jack might be able to use it some day…
Ford has come out with a 40th Anniversary Mustang they call the "Bullitt" to commemorate the 1968 Steve McQueen movie of the same name. Jack decided to write about San Francisco-like drives in San Diego. Ash Street by the El Cortez, Laurel Hill, Sassafras, Juan Street in Old Town…   
He couldn't remember where my hill was. I agreed to meet him at the Aero Club. After doing his research and driving through the neighborhood, Jack had to leave. 
I decided to stop by the Aero Club for a draft. Jack made a mistake by not joining me for a beer!


The owner of the Aero Club

Jack pulling out of the parking lot


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2 Responses to Bullitt, the steepest street in San Diego

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