Baseball in Shelby

Santa and Zaidan at American Legion World Series in Shelby, North Carolina

Zaidan wanted to give Santa a dollar. I asked if he would give his money to help the poor. (I had met Rev. Eddie in the stands while watching the games. He was hustling me for a donation to his outreach program for the poor.) Zaidan said, "If that's what you want, Santa, I'll give it to Rev. Eddie." I wanted to make sure the kid understood what poor meant. "Them's broken people. They ain't got no money." I got Eddie and explained the situation. When Zaidan gave him the dollar, the pastor and Zaidan's mother both cried…


Hallelujah Acres was closed so I couldn't enjoy a good vegetarian dinner. (Everything else in North Carolina is Baptist)

Rich's baseball card (Rich is a Baptist, too, but he plays for the House of David.)



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