Patricia Neal at D. G. Wills Books in La Jolla

Dear Tim and Jennifer,

Your mom greatly admires the actress Patricia Neal who has endured much tragedy in her life. We went to see her last night at D. G. Wills Books in La Jolla.

Before the event, I asked your mom to describe Patricia Neal. She used the following adjectives: "earthy, strong, courageous, sexy, real."

We are glad we went. Patricia Neal really is a wonderful woman. She's actually working on a new film in San Diego now. (81 years old!)

She'd been on the set since 6:00 AM and stayed at the store until 9:00 PM, gracious to all. She suffered a series of strokes 40 years ago. One of her children died at a young age and another was seriously injured. She won the Oscar in 1963 for her performance opposite Paul Newman in "Hud" and an Emmy for her role as the mother in "The Homecoming" which became the basis for the television series, "The Waltons."

I think you'll like these pictures from last night.


Patricia leaving...Patricia Neal, Gort, PBR ManPatricia and MaryJeri Lynne with one of the Walton kids... Book signing...Jeri and Patricia Neal

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